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KOB live cd!


aventura kob liveGrupo Aventura has recently released their new album based on a live performance which took place in the great Madison Square Garden: just KOB for their fans, a short code name for "Kings of bachata".

This work offers what every fan was expecting since their last album, a triple cd made of two live music cds and a complete DVD covering the live performance of Madison and also of Altos de Chavón, where a wide range of guests joined the bachata party. The main idea of the whole thing was to honor legendary creole bacheteers, who are considered as the beginners of the bachata tradition. These live cds include classic hits as well as new singles as "Los Infieles", which stayed number one in the charts in the USA during 18 weeks. Other songs which came to life are "Controversia" (controversy), "El Perdedor" (the loser), "José" (Joe) and "Mi Corazoncito" (my heart). The video-clip "Los Infieles" (the unfaithful), in the words of the very own Franklin Romero, would be "the best video-clip in the history of bachata".

It was long ago since Anthony had the idea of adding the subheading "kings of bachata" (in spanish, "reyes de la bachata"), but it was only until now when the public opinion showed acceptance. "I wanted to show people that we were not just a single song", said the leader of Aventura.

Going after The Beatles

Everyone remembers The Beatles proclaimed themselves as "Bigger than Jesus”, sentence that produced a big scandal in those old days, breaking of their Long Plays both in the United Kingdom and the United States of America: people just considered diabolic what they intended to say. The deceit left in posterity some impressing images registered by cameras all over the world, including the burning of the discs. Nowadays, the ones who parody that success are the very members of Grupo Aventura, when comparing themselves to The Beatles. Beatles. In K.O.B. there's a tiny book which contains a picture similar to one of those famous photographs of the Liverpool Everlasting Band. Thanks to the KOB guys, we can say music is starting its Renaissance.


new-cd-santosChanging history

The bacheteer band started playing in the "Reventón Bohemia", the lounge at the Monumental Zone in Santiago, Dominican Republic. After that, they conquered a place of great challenge for any other Dominican, the "Altos de Chavón", in "La Romana", where no other group in popular music -such as bachata music- had ever played. No doubt about it: a big change in matter of music was taking place in the Caribbean. However, Anthony Santos complained about haven't got the chance of gaining publicity for that crucial event, being rescued by world press only when the show ended, a few days after, in the mass media, journals and tv -but not a single word before!. “The same happened to us in New York with the first live concert at the MSG (Madison Square Garden Hall, or, as people use to call in Dominican Republic, "le madisó"). But finally the halls and theaters were full, and we are definetly talking about places for milliards of people, with great capacity, up to 40 thousand people".

These days we can properly say the Kings Of Bachata really deserve the name, since they extended their own horizons and now the name of the band is both in English and Spanish. As more than thousand criticals could say, they are the fathers of the invention of Bachata music. KOB are spreading their Dominican sounds straight ahead, and all we can say is: green lights for these guys! On their way to fame and paradise -where they actually come from, the beautiful Dominican beaches- they have passed again trough America, standing for the new currents in music. Long live KOB!


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